Sterile Processing Technician

We are looking for a meticulous Sterile Processing Technician to be responsible for the sterilization and cleaning of medical equipment, instruments, and supplies. The Sterile Processing Technician’s responsibilities include retrieving contaminated supplies and delivering sterile supplies, maintaining inventory, and preparing sterile instrument trays for surgeries, examinations, and procedures.
To be a successful Sterile Processing Technician, you should be meticulous with strong attention to detail. You should have a good working knowledge of a variety of sterilization techniques and be able to work with fragile equipment

Sterile Processing Technician Responsibilities:

  1.  Collecting used and contaminated equipment, instruments, and supplies for sorting and decontamination.
  2. Manually cleaning supplies of contaminants, removing waste matter, and operating and maintaining decontamination equipment.
  3. Preparing and packing decontaminated supplies for sterilization.
  4. Monitoring and operating sterilization equipment.
  5. Examining supplies meticulously to ensure they are properly cleaned and sanitized.
  6. Testing and reporting any issues or problems with the sterilization equipment.
  7. Preparing and delivering all necessary equipment and instruments for surgeries, examinations, medical procedures, and medical carts.
  8. Maintaining records of sterilization procedures, sterilized items, equipment maintenance, and supplies.
  9. Controlling the inventory, reordering supplies, and checking expiration dates.

Sterile Processing Technician Requirements:

  1. A KCSE Certificate or equivalent and Certification in 2- Sterile Processing and Distribution.
  2. A clear background check and proof of up-to-date immunizations.
  3. Strong attention to detail, vigilance, and meticulous care on the job.
  4.  Passion for keeping people safe.
  5.  Good judgment and critical-thinking skills.
  6. Manual dexterity and the ability to handle fragile equipment.
  7.  Technical skills and familiarity with sterilization techniques.
  8. The ability to work well in a team or independently.


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