MedLux International

MedLux International offers an iconic, sophisticated, stylish and memorable platform that introduces hospitality into healthcare. Experience our cure and comfort!


MedLux International’s Pediatric department features five major “centers of excellence” with 5 inpatient suites, located within the hospital. There are support services such as radiography, sonography and laboratory testing alongside several other specialties in its Orchid Outpatient Specialty Center.

MedLux International is equipped with a two bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), capable of treating a variety of high-risk infants daily.

Pediatric surgery at MedLux International cares for children from newborns to young adults, who need common or complex surgical treatments. Pediatric surgeons at MedLux International are at the forefront of pediatric minimally invasive surgery.

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) provides care to toddlers, children and teenagers who become critically ill or injured, have severe respiratory conditions and may require constant monitoring.

Our general pediatrics care center treats children who need primary care, need specialty care or help manage a chronic illness, such as asthma and diabetes.

The Rose BirthCare Center at MedLux International has been described by our clients as a “safe place to have a baby.” And, should the need arise, expectant moms can feel confident that as part of MedLux International, the Center has access to a neonatal intensive care unit under the same roof.


Other Services

With state of the art facilities and a carefully curated roster of medical specialists, MedLux International is perfectly poised to provide our patients with full medical and surgical care encompassing trauma & emergency services, a host of specialist outpatient clinics, laboratory & imaging diagnostics, dentistry clinics, emergency cardiac care, surgical, neonatal & medical intensive care units as well as three fully fledged operation theaters.

    • Violet Executive Suites

      Violet Executive Suites

      Our Violet Executive Suites are a bespoke collection of private rooms serviced to A-list standards. Our visitors can expect a hospitality experience as they recover.

    • Lily Pediatric Wing

      Lily Pediatric Wing

      The Lily Pediatric Wing is a collection of specialized pediatric suites designed to accommodate parent/guardian and their young one in a home style setting.

    • Rose Maternity Wing

      Rose Maternity Wing

      The Rose Maternity Wing is a unique curation of three specialty maternity rooms designed to make a mother – to – be’s child birth experience memorable.