MedLux International’s Diagnostics Institute is continuously working to provide patients the most up-to-date technological advances and innovative treatment options in diagnostic and laboratory imaging.

Our team has collectively performed and interpret more than 1.4 million examinations. All MedLux International facilities are linked by a single Laboratory Information System (LIS) that allows cloud based reporting of lab results and a single Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), which allow images taken in one location to be viewed anywhere in the health system. Additionally, our diagnostics department imports more than ten thousand studies per month from outside the health system.

Our Laboratory Technologists and Imaging Sonographers and Radiographers are leaders in their specialties they are involved in research and are responsible for numerous publications each year, serve on committees of professional societies, and present at national and international conferences.

The staff also includes physicists responsible for training and monitoring employees, patients and equipment to ensure that diagnostic samples and images are acquired safely and of the highest quality.

Our facility has  modern equipment of conducting correct diagnosis to our clients. Some of the equipment include Sonography, Radiology  and a fully equipped laboratory


Our diagnostic center has the latest 4D sonogram from the world’s leading manufacturers. They are operated by experienced personnel with advanced levels of training.


Also, our center has a state of the art, digital X – Ray machine. We are capable of conducting all kinds of x – rays. They are operated by experienced personnel with advanced levels of training.


The laboratory facility has a wide range of equipment for conducting a variety of tests including, Immunology, Biochemistry, Hematology and Histopathology.

We invite you to visit us any hour of the day for quick and accurate medical check up.

Other Services

With state of the art facilities and a carefully curated roster of medical specialists, MedLux International is perfectly poised to provide our patients with full medical and surgical care encompassing trauma & emergency services, a host of specialist outpatient clinics, laboratory & imaging diagnostics, dentistry clinics, emergency cardiac care, surgical, neonatal & medical intensive care units as well as three fully fledged operation theaters.

    • Violet Executive Suites

      Violet Executive Suites

      Our Violet Executive Suites are a bespoke collection of private rooms serviced to A-list standards. Our visitors can expect a hospitality experience as they recover.

    • Lily Pediatric Wing

      Lily Pediatric Wing

      The Lily Pediatric Wing is a collection of specialized pediatric suites designed to accommodate parent/guardian and their young one in a home style setting.

    • Rose Maternity Wing

      Rose Maternity Wing

      The Rose Maternity Wing is a unique curation of three specialty maternity rooms designed to make a mother – to – be’s child birth experience memorable.