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MedLux International offers an iconic, sophisticated, stylish and memorable platform that introduces hospitality into healthcare. Experience our cure and comfort!

Captain Farah Memorial Trauma and Emergency Center

The Captain Farah Memorial Trauma and Emergency Center is open 24/7/365 to ensure that you always have access to the emergency care you may need.

Our facility is fully fitted and equipped to handle all types of emergencies from trauma to medical emergencies to conditions that require isolation. A well laid out emergency preparedness plan coupled with well-equipped staff has made the Centre a one-stop shop able to handle accidents, acute cardio-respiratory problems, advanced trauma, gunshots, disaster management, poisons, and cases like malaria, pneumonia, typhoid fever, non-communicable and communicable diseases, and many others.

All our staff are trained in Acute Trauma and Life Support as a minimum standard. Our teams remain ready and on hand to save lives. Priority patients are attended by our casualty nursing team who are continuously trained in emergency medicine to pick up on clues that determine the seriousness of an individual’s condition.

The Captain Farah Memorial Trauma and Emergency is supported by a comprehensive diagnostic center (laboratory services, sonography imaging and digital radiography imaging services), two minor theaters and three major operating theaters.

Our team comprises of experienced  Doctors and Nurses.

Other Services

MeLux International has been providing its patients with full medical care, encompassing outpatients services, laboratory and imaging diagnostics, dentistry, dentistry and immediate care.

    • Violet Executive Suites

      Violet Executive Suites

      Our Violet Executive Suites are a bespoke collection of private rooms serviced to A-list standards. Our visitors can expect a hospitality experience as they recover.

    • Lily Pediatric Wing

      Lily Pediatric Wing

      The Lily Pediatric Wing is a collection of specialized pediatric suites designed to accommodate parent/guardian and their young one in a home style setting.

    • Rose Maternity Wing

      Rose Maternity Wing

      The Rose Maternity Wing is a unique curation of three specialty maternity rooms designed to make a mother – to – be’s child birth experience memorable.