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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

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Institute of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Our Institute of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery covers all kinds of plastic and cosmetic surgery, including personal aesthetic enhancements and reconstructive surgery.

The former is concerned with restoring the body and improving functioning, while the latter deals with improving appearance both of the face and body.

Our Treatments

Some of the most common procedures performed by our plastic surgeons are burn surgery – masking the damage after burn wounds have healed, craniofacial surgery – which deals with congenital defects of the face and head and microsurgery – focusing on the reconstruction of missing tissues.

World-leading plastic surgery is available at MedLux International Hospital through our team of specialist consultants, allowing you to access the latest techniques and surgical procedures. And when your treatment is complete, we provide you with the nursing care and support necessary for a full recovery.