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At MedLux International Hospital, we know the importance of a great smile. Our team takes great pride in knowing that our dental services and dental surgeries can change lives. We have extensive experience in both cosmetic and family dental care and take your oral health seriously. One of our dentists will carefully evaluate your teeth and bite with the goal of achieving and maintaining a beautiful smile that will ultimately enhance the quality of your life.

Our practice is different from other dental facilities; we treat our patients like family. We are confident that after just one visit to our office you will see and feel the difference from the moment you walk in the door. It is our commitment to our patients to provide them unmatched customer service and care after each and every visit in our practice.

If you live in Nairobi and are searching for a dental facility where you feel right at home, look no further than our team for all of your oral health needs by scheduling an appointment today.

Dental Care Procedures in MedLux International Hospital

In some cases, a patient will need dental surgery to correct their condition. Our team of oral surgeons are experienced in performing a wide range of procedures that include but are not limited to:

  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Patients in their early twenties and late teens need to pay close attention to their dental health, as this is the time frame when wisdom teeth tend to erupt. And if they do, you need to undergo this procedure. These can sometimes be impacted (embedded in the bone) and require dental surgery for removal. Failure to remove may cause crowding or future oral issues. If your teeth have been bothering you and you are in the above age bracket, contact us today because you may need wisdom teeth extractions performed.
  • Dental Implant Surgery: This is a replacement of the root part of the tooth, and they are placed directly into the jawbone. They are a great alternative to dentures or bridgework if those two methods of teeth replacement have not worked for you in the past. After surgery, patients may experience a little discomfort, but this is normal. Contact our team to learn more about dental implant surgery and if it’s right for you.
  • Teeth Extractions: This may be recommended by one of our dentists for a number of reasons. Crowding, misalignment, and extensive tooth decay are just a few reasons. It is also not uncommon to need dental surgery after a car accident or other injury in which teeth were damaged and may need replacement.
  • Dental Emergencies: MedLux International Hospital offers on call 24-hour dentist services for those experiencing pain and discomfort that happens outside of normal business hours. Some situations we handle are cracked/broken teeth, severe toothaches, knocked-out teeth, and other various teeth injuries.

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At MedLux International Hospital, we know the value of a smile! Our team takes great pride in knowing that our dental services and dental surgeries can change lives.