Senior Management Team

Sr. Florence Nafula

As Nursing Matron, Sr. Nafula’s central goal is to develop a collaborative and efficient workplace with specific attention to quality patient care at MedLux International Hospital.

Ms. Fatima Hussein

Ms. Fatima Hussein is the Manager, Laboratory Services at MedLux International Hospital accountable for hematology, biochemistry, histology and immunology diagnostic services.

Dr. Nkatha Gitonga

Dr. Nkatha is the Senior Manager, Pharmacy Services at MedLux International Hospital. She is the Principal Clinical Pharmacist of the institution responsible for overseeing the quality and professionalism of the department.

Ms. Anna Cheluget

Ms Anna Cheluget is the Business Support Manager of MedLux International Hospital accountable for administrative and organizational support to the Executive Leadership Team.

Corporal (Rtd) Clifford Maina Ogutu

Corporal (Rtd) Clifford Maina Ogutu is the Manager Security Services responsible for ensuring that your visit to our facility remains incident free. He works with a team of plain clothes and uniformed guards to secure both you and MedLux International Hospital assets are safe with as little interference to your experience as possible.