• Tulip Outpatient Center

      Tulip Outpatient Center

      The Kalyaan Outpatient Center is a comprehensive specialty outpatient clinic offering consultancy in different fields

    • Orchid Family Center

      Orchid Family Center

      Orchid Family Center is an outpatient clinic offering Pediatric and Internal Medicine Specialist Services from 8:00am to 8:00pm, Monday to Saturday

    • Rose Maternity Wing

      Rose Maternity Wing

      The Rose Maternity Wing is a unique curation of three specialty maternity rooms designed to make a mother – to – be’s child birth experience memorable.

    • Lily Pediatric Wing

      Lily Pediatric Wing

      The Lily Pediatric Wing is a collection of specialized pediatric suites designed to accommodate parent/guardian and their young one in a home style setting.

    • Violet Executive Suites

      Violet Executive Suites

      Our Violet Executive Suites are a bespoke collection of private rooms serviced to A-list standards. Our visitors can expect a hospitality experience as they recover.

    • Diagnostics


      Our facility has modern equipment of conducting correct diagnosis to our clients

    • Pharmacy


      MedLux International has adequate number of licensed pharmacists

    • Dentistry


      At MedLux International, we know the value of a smile! Our team takes great pride in knowing that our dental services and dental surgeries can change lives.

    • Obstetrics and Gynecology

      Obstetrics and Gynecology

      In MedLux, we have Obstetricians and Gynecologists that are passionate in assisting women to acquire the necessary health care required.

    • Cardiology – Meditrina

      Cardiology – Meditrina

      Our Cardiology Department is operated by the Meditrina brand which benefits from a close professional partnership with a team of internationally recognized consultant ,

    • General Surgery

      General Surgery

      We have fully fitted theatre where we conduct different elective and emergency surgical procedures under sterile conditions. At MedLux International Hospital we Care!

    • Internal Medicine

      Internal Medicine

      The MedLux International Division of Internal Medicine is defining a new standard of excellence by delivering collaborative, compassionate and comprehensive care to high-complexity patients