Dr. Nkatha is the Senior Manager, Pharmacy Services at MedLux International Hospital. She is the Principal Clinical Pharmacist of the institution responsible for overseeing the quality and professionalism of the department. Keen to enhance the efficiency of the healthcare organization and the patients’ experience, Dr. Nkatha brings with her an International Baccalaureate, A master’s of Pharmacy, and a Postgraduate Diploma in General Pharmacy Practice.

Drawing upon her rich experience of Pharmacy, Nkatha has been leading pharmaceutical departments in various healthcare facilities in the UK.

What does Dr. Nkatha do at MedLux International?

Dr.Nkatha is accountable for the safe management of medicines across the facility:

-Accountable for effective provision of Pharmacy services across MedLux International Hospital.

-Manage systems for safe and appropriate prescribing across MedLux International Hospital.

-Manage clinical risk in the use of drugs across MedLux International Hospital.

-Accountable for proactive leadership for compliance with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Kenya.

-Manages procurement, distribution and safe economic and effective use of drugs.


-Ensures the proactive clinical professional leadership of all our Pharmacists.

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