Male Infertility Myths and Facts

Is your sperm count your responsibility? Pay attention!


Information and misinformation about the causes of male infertility is in plenty out there

While it is true that regular exposure to highly elevated temperatures in the testicles can lower sperm count, research does not support all of the suspected culprits.


Here is what men need to know.


Tight underwear

You have probably heard that the tighter the briefs the higher the risk to infertility.

Due to this myth, most men are mostly switching from briefs to boxers to reduce the warmth generated when they are closer to the body

However, research shows that probably that does not matter.

Wear what is comfortable.



Laptops come with the convenience to place them directly to your lap. They generate heat and they can raise the temperature to the testicles over time.

Though some laptops are padded to shield you from the heat, it is highly recommended that you use your laptop over a desk


Saunas and hot tubs

Due to their structure, testicles may be able to remain cooler in the sauna.

You may not be safe in the hot tubs though. This is because testicles are completely submerged into the hot water and have no way to cool off.

Your testicles warm up to a level not considered safe for healthy fertility.

It is best to skip the hot tub if you are worried about infertility.


Cell phones

The correlation of infertility to cell phones remains debatable.

While the factors vary, from where you keep your phone and the kind of phone you have, the goal here is to minimize things that impair your fertility.

In the many studies on cell phones and sperm counts and in studies where sperms were directly exposed to cell phone radiation, they were damaged.



Some drugs, legal and illegal may have a negative effect on a man’s fertility. It is highly recommended that you check with your doctor before starting treatment if you have concerns about your fertility.



Are you a smoker? Consider quitting to improve your fertility.

Tobacco does for a fact lower sperm count and your sperm’s inability to move actively and unconstrained.


Tobacco also tends to fragment the DNA in the sperm, which damages genetic material.

It is in your best interest to quit smoking forever or at the very least during the period you are trying to conceive.



Marijuana affects the motions of the sperm and lowers testosterone levels thus altering fertility considerably


It’s best to avoid marijuana, particularly when you and your partner are planning to conceive.

Anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids are synthetic or human-made variations of the male sex hormone: testosterone,

Some people think that if a man uses anabolic steroids, the synthetic hormone will increase testosterone and improve fertility. It does just the opposite.

While some people think that if a man uses anabolic steroids, the synthetic hormone will increase testosterone and improve fertility. It does just the opposite

The testicles tend to shut down once they sense there more than enough testosterone in the body.

Before the use of any steroid, have a sit down with your doctor and be on the safe zone.





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