Is It Safe to Use Alcohol as Hand Sanitizer?

Following widespread public debate and utterances by high profile opinion leaders on controversial ways of preventing/curing coronavirus, we have decided to set the record straight. Can alcohol or vodka be used as hand sanitizer?

Is it effective?

Pay attention!

So while this can be true, you have to understand that for hand sanitizer to be absolutely effective, it needs to be at least 70% alcohol by volume, in its components. Just pouring alcohol onto your hands is not necessarily any good.

Most alcoholic drinks have a 40% alcohol which is way below the recommended 70% to kill the coronavirus.

We strongly advise you to use a hand sanitizer that is 70% alcohol, wash your hands, disinfect surfaces, maintain a 3 feet social distance and if you do not have to go out please stay at home.

These measures will go a long way in protecting you, your loved ones and other people out there.

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