Here’s Why You Should Leave Your Shoes At The Door During The COVID – 19 Pandemic

At the time of publishing this article, (March 26, 2020), the novel coronavirus had just crossed the milestone of 500,000 confirmed cases across the globe. Italy, Spain and China have been hardest hit with mortalities in those three countries accounting for more than ten percent of all deaths across the world.

Needless to say, the coronavirus is the only thing anybody is talking about at the moment. That means you’ve probably heard all that there is to hear about staying safe. You’ve listened to all the recommendations from the authorities including regular hand washing, self isolation, coughing technique, wearing masks and even sanitizing your mobile phone.

But what do you know about the potential danger you have on the soles of your shoes when you get home from your daily outdoor activities? The coronavirus can live on the soles of shoes for up to five days raising the risk of a household catching COVID-19, infectious disease specialists have warned.

When you leave the house, you can end up getting into contact with COVID – 19 in all sorts of places. The virus could be lurking on supermarket floors, city streets, public transport like matatus, basically, anywhere that large groups of people pass on a regular basis. People cough and spit onto the ground and you can end up innocently picking up the virus on the soles of your shoes as you walk over the sputum.

The novel flu has a longer-life depending on the surfaces it is on, lasting up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and between two to three days of plastic and stainless steel.

With this emergent knowledge, MedLux International Hospital can now flag the danger of walking into your home with shoes on. You can end up tracking the virus on your household floors potentially spreading the disease to your family especially if you have young infants who are crawling. Stay safe, leave your shoes at the door!

Dr. Noah Akala, MD
Public Health Specialist.

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