Happy International Nurses Day From Ms. Florence Nafula, Director of Nursing

On this auspicious occasion when we commemorate the International Day of the Nurse, we also concurrently mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Madam Florence Nightingale, that famous patron of our profession.

At MedLux International Hospital, we join the global healthcare community to highlight the pivotal role that of nurses play in the healthcare pathway and we profoundly thank nurses for what they do.

The theme for this year’s celebration is” Nursing the World to Health”.

This theme could not be more relevant in the face of our current battle against the Covid – 19 pandemic. Nurses continue to be at the forefront of fighting epidemics and pandemics – providing high quality and respectful treatment and care.

Nurses are often the first and sometimes (especially in emerging economies such as Kenya’s) the only healthcare professional that patients see and the quality of their initial assessment, care and treatment is vital.

Nurses make up more than half of all the world’s healthcare workers. Indeed, the nursing fraternity forms the backbone of global health systems. At MedLux International Hospital, we put our people first and as Director of Nursing, I am committed to ensure that the professional life of all my nurses is one of fulfillment and progressive accomplishment.

Happy International Nurses Day!

Ms. Florence Nafula,
Director of Nursing,
MedLux International Hospital

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