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Importance of Self Isolation – Covid-19

Since the discovery of the novel “COVID – 19” coronavirus in Wuhan, Hubei Province of China in December of 2019, the disease has progressively spread to various parts of the globe with varying effects. Different national governments have taken measures to curb the spread and limit potential deaths among the most vulnerable members of their society.

These measures have mitigated against the worst outcomes in some countries while in other countries, we have had to contend with a number of mortalities. Currently, the illness is epidemic in certain parts of Europe with Italy recording the highest number of mortalities since coronavirus became a global public health issue.

At MedLux International Hospital, we join the rest of the world in solidarity with the people of Italy at this trying time while remaining cognizant of what people are going through here in Kenya.

Understanding some key facts about the epidemic in Italy will perhaps help people in other countries understand the importance of self – isolation and protecting the elderly;

– Italy has the second oldest population in the world after Japan.
– The average age of those who have died in Italy is 78.5 years.
– About a quarter of the population in Italy is over the age of 65
– Nearly half of those who have died in Italy had three or more pre-existing conditions (immunocompromised)

We continue to support the Kenya Government in all its efforts and reiterate the directive to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel. Let us be wary of the potential effect of the virus on the elderly and the immunosuppressed.

Dr. Noah Akala, MD
Public Health Specialist.

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