Tips on how to eat healthy while working from home

8 Tips For Healthy Eating When Working From Home

Working from home can make you make those unnecessary kitchen trips. You were thinking of a glass of juice but once you are there, those chilly potatoes crisps seem more attractive. On the flip side, you have probably buried yourself into work all day and have barely had anything to eat. Healthy eating should be your goal

Keeping your nutrition in check can be tricky when working from home. The comfortable environment and having food at arm’s length are one of the biggest contributors. Unlike in the office, the fridge is yours for the raid and this can wreak havoc to your weight lose goals and mess your productivity.

This being the new reality for most people, we have compiled strategies and hacks for eating healthy while working from home.

1- Don’t work in (or near) the kitchen.

Is your home office near the kitchen? Create space someplace else away from it. If the kitchen is in your line of vision, you may wander to the fridge subconsciously for more times than usual.

Make a conscious decision to only be in the kitchen when having a planned meal during working hours. If this is hard, have visual reminders that the kitchen is closed until the next planned meal.

2 – Plan your snack and meal times.

Plan and try as much as you can to maintain your day’s routine.
Get up, workout, shower, breakfast, read and then settle in for work. Figure out your meal times throughout the day. Treat meal times as you would in the office. A snack at mid-morning, lunch at noon and water throughout the day. You wouldn’t eat all day long in the office right? Translate that while working at home too.

3- Eat.

Once you settle into work, at times, you will take the next break once a task is accomplished which would be. Unless you are intermittent fasting, you should listen to your hunger pangs. Not eating can affect your alertness and productivity.

You would set an alarm for those planned meals or snacks.

4- Meal prep your lunches.

Even though you are free to graze on whatever and whenever meals prep would save your waistline. Be deliberate about what you want to eat and prepare it in advance. You will find it easy to keep at healthy eating this way and it is immensely beneficial for the brain

5- Eat real food.

Balanced, nutritious food makes us more productive. It keeps us fuller longer and helps us focus. Have it mind that what you eat will impact your mood and energy level. Remember this next time you’re feeling hungry and just want to grab a handful of chocolate. Focus on protein, fibre, healthy fats, fruits and veggies.

We would not insist enough on meal prep.

6- Drink plenty of water.

Dehydration can lead to headaches and fatigue, which are both not good for your productivity. You would probably carry a bottle of water with cucumber in it to work right? Have it at your work station at home all the time too. You are more likely to sip on readily available water.

Please keep off sodas and juices for their sugar levels can make you crash later.

7- More Coffee? No Please!

Having access to bottomless coffee might seem like an awesome idea, but tread carefully when it comes to caffeine. Too much is known to cause headaches, anxiety, digestive issues and even fatigue – none of which is good, but particularly not good when you’re trying to work. Aim for no more than two cups of coffee per day to avoid the jittery feeling

8- Do not buy junk food.

Don’t stock your fridge with junk food. Be mindful of your shopping list and while at it, stick on the health foods isles. When you have a kitchen full of junk, you will end up eating junk. Out of sight, out of mind and the opposite holds.

It is important to set your mealtime and sit down for it. Try your best to not eat while working. This may lead to overeating and decreased satiety.

Enjoy your meal, as you relax for a few minutes. You will feel energized to continue with work.

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