10 Fun Activities To Do At Home With Your Kids

All children are home from school for the next few weeks and possibly longer. 

Instead of the usual holiday trips, playdates and or a visit upcountry, we all are home in isolation and containment.

Our priority is keeping our families safe and healthy.

Nonetheless, we need to devise ways to blend into our new normal.

Here are fun and creative ways to do at home with kids.

These are family activities that you can do right now with your family, while you are stuck at home during the coronavirus situation (or anytime you’re looking for some extra ideas and activities).

1.Simple science experiment.

  • How about trying out one experiment a day? Try the simple yet super fun kitchen science experiments with your kids…

Here are some ideas 


2.Cave Building

Children’s imaginations go wild with this activity. From planning the build – what will they use to make their cave? 

Can they gather the materials themselves? – to playing inside of it, each step is super fun. Hopefully, they’ll be inspired to come up with exciting, fun-filled role play, or simply enjoy a change the scene and play with their toys ‘hidden away’ in their cave.

The easiest way to build a stable cave is by using a blanket or bed sheet and cover a table or some other furniture moved together. You can create quite a spacious cave using four chairs arranged in a square with the blanket placed over the backrests. Add few cushions added into the cave and your kids will have a great time for sure.

 3. A Housebound Treasure Hunt

Draw a map of your home and hide small things around it. Mark each piece of a hidden treasure on the map. Explain the map to your baby and help them with the hunting game in case they need it.

If your kids are older you can use word cards describing a place where you have hidden an item. For example: “I am cold and make a ‘bing bing’ noise if left open”. The answer is the fridge, of course. Kids love this combination of a quiz and hunt. It’s hard not to get in on the fun, too.

Once they’ve found all the treasure, why not have them to organise their own hunt? They can draw their map or come up with their cryptic questions to send you on a great search.

4.Life-Size Drawings

Stick a load of A4 sheets of paper together (or if you have a big paper roll even better!) and place it on the floor. Encourage the kids to lie down on it and outline their body with a pen. From this moment on there is no way to stop the kids getting creative: colour in, add accessories to the figures like stickers or stamps, design clothes with old material offcuts or other things you might find around the house. The young ones will have lots of fun with the real-size copies and you may have something really special to decorate their bedroom wall afterwards.

5. Make a Book.

Staple paper together, and help your kids write and illustrate a book. You can use real books for direct inspiration or come up with an idea entirely by yourself.

6.Snack Moments

With most eateries and snack joints closed, snack choices are limited.

You could blend ripe banana, ripe mangoes, milk and some vanilla essence then pour it into your ice cube tray and freeze them.

Chill the rest of the smoothie for later. Have the kids cut out the fruits and show them how to measure everything to precision.

This will for sure excite them and give them something to look forward too.

 The freezer might be opened every 30 seconds to check on the cubes though.

7.Bowling with Bottles

Make some space in your living room and have the kids arrange water bottles as if they were on a bowling isle.

Have a bowling competition and set up a reward.

Please miss as many times as you can, you do not want to win all the time right?

8.Call Friends and Family

You would video call their besties and have them “hang-out”

9. Learn a New Language.

If you haven’t heard of Duolingo, you need to check it out. This website provides free language instruction for many different languages. You and your kids can learn languages together.

Youtube is another great source of language instruction, which requires much less involvement aside from screening advertisements. There are several channels with foreign language videos for kids.

10. Get The Children Involved

Plan out the day’s activities with your kids, get them involved in chores they can handle as they learn. You will be surprised at how fun the isolation period turns out to be.

Keep safe.




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