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We are looking for a well-groomed, friendly Hospital Front Desk to be responsible for welcoming guests, managing online and telephonic bookings, and verifying guests’ payment methods during check-in. You should have a pleasant and professional disposition with guests and other hospital staff.
To be successful as a Hospital Front Desk, you should provide guests with general information about the hospital and surrounding area, and stay up-to-date on attractions that may be of interest to guests

Hospital Front Desk Responsibilities:

  1. Check guests in and out.
  2. Receive and manage appointments made online and telephonically.
  3. Verify guests’ payment methods during check-in.
  4. Assign rooms to guests and inform them of any specials offered by the hospital.
  5. Organize transport services for guests at their request.
  6. Provide guests with information about the hospital.
  7.  Keep abreast of other services that may be of interest to guests.
  8. Serve as a host/hostess during family visits, and ensure that all relevant preparations are made for the event.

Hospital Front Desk Requirements:

  1.  University degree in hospitality or tourism qualification or equivalent.
  2. Previous hospitality experience would be advantageous.
  3. Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  4.  Well-presented and professional appearance.
  5.  Competency with Microsoft Office.
  6.  Ability to learn on the job.
  7. Excellent customer service skills.
  8. Must have flexible hours.

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