Charge Nurse

We are seeking a motivated Charge Nurse with excellent leadership and communication skills to lead our nursing teams in:
  •  Operating Theater.
  • ICU.
  •  Inpatient Suites.
  • Outpatient Departments.
As a successful candidate, you will provide assistance and care for patients, supervise nursing staff, offer guidance and support, maintain a clean and safe working environment, and ensure that all operational tasks are completed efficiently and on time.
To excel in this role, you will need to be a licensed nursing professional with at least three years of experience in a healthcare environment. You should enjoy working with people, have excellent organizational skills and the ability to work under pressure

Charge Nurse Responsibilities:

  1.  Record patients’ medical records and monitor vital signs.
  2.  Supervising nursing staff and monitoring their needs.
  3.  Coordinating daily administrative duties, including schedules, nursing assignments and patient care.
  4.  Overseeing patient admissions, transfers and discharges.
  5. Mentoring and training new staff and providing support and guidance to all staff members.
  6.  Monitoring medical charts and providing compassionate care and assistance to patients and families.
  7.  Liaising with doctors and administrators and communicating any protocol changes to staff.
  8. Ensuring compliance with all health and safety regulations.
  9. Recording and maintaining accurate reports.
  10. Identifying issues or emergencies and responding in a calm and efficient manner.

Charge Nurse Requirements:

  1.  Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.
  2. Licensed as a Registered Nurse.
  3.  Further certification may be required.
  4.  Prior experience in a healthcare facility required.
  5.  Excellent leadership, communication and organizational skills.
  6. Compassionate with sound judgement and problem-solving skills.
  7.  Proficient in Microsoft Office and medical software systems.
  8.  Ability to handle stress and work shifts.

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