Should You Wear Gloves?

Since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, we have been seeing a lot of people out in public wearing gloves. This can be good or it can actually be very bad depending on the wearer and their habits,” says public health specialist Noah Akala, MD. “ “Unfortunately, most Kenyans aren’t wearing or disposing of their […]

10 Fun Activities To Do At Home With Your Kids

All children are home from school for the next few weeks and possibly longer.  Instead of the usual holiday trips, playdates and or a visit upcountry, we all are home in isolation and containment. Our priority is keeping our families safe and healthy. Nonetheless, we need to devise ways to blend into our new normal. […]

Is One-sided Back Pain Cause For Alarm?

Some people experience one-sided back pain and it can be so annoying. If you are not dealing from the aftermath of a fall on one side, then your one-sided back pain may not need specialized care. There are exceptions though; Age: An older adult may experience a minor injury that results in a more serious […]

How Can I Talk To My Child About Coronavirus?

The past couple of weeks has seen Kenyans subjected a variety of changes to their lifestyles, routines and daily habits. It began with government directives on self – quarantine and social – distancing before later on culminating into school closures and now a national curfew. All this is more than enough to overwhelm the most […]

Guidelines for COVID – 19 in Pregnancy

To date, there has been limited data on the infection rate and evolution of the COVID – 19 virus in expectant women. This means that healthcare practitioners are limited in their ability to make recommendations on how to handle a pregnant lady infected with coronavirus. The last time that the profession has had to address […]