Are Smoothies Good for Weight Loss?

Having a nutrient-dense smoothie as part of your meals every day will help you avoid packing the unnecessary pounds. This is because healthy smoothies curb hunger pangs and even promote weight loss thanks to their filling fibre and muscle-building protein Smoothies can no doubt be a part of your strategy for healthy, lasting weight loss—if […]

Vaginal Odour

While some vaginal odour is normal, a strong, unpleasant smell that is persistent can be cause for alarm. A musty odour especially one that persists for days and smells like fish can be a symptom of a health issue. Abnormal vaginal odour is often accompanied by other symptoms, including greyish-white discharge, burning and itching. Together, […]

Planning The Safe Re-Opening of Your Workplace

The Government of Kenya on Saturday, May 18, announced the extension of the measures put in place to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. However, in the same vein, the Government has given guidelines on how certain restaurants can resume partial operations. Many organizations that precautionarily closed shop are wondering how to safely explore […]

5 Foods That Can Help You Sleep Better

 In a bid to catch up with life, we often put sleep in the back seat. Despite the economy slowing down, our sleeping habits may not have changed much. Sleep or lack thereof affects how you feel throughout the day and nutrition plays a major role in how well you sleep What you eat relates […]

Mental Health and Ways To Cope During Covid-19

Worries and anxiety about the coronavirus and its impact can be mind-boggling. Social distancing makes it harder. How then do you cope during this pandemic? The novel coronavirus has undoubtedly changed your life as you know it. The new normal is characterised by working from home and being conscious of your surroundings every time you […]

Optimizing The Management of Diabetes During Ramadan

During the Ramadan period it is crucial that people living with diabetes are offered support with ensuring the optimal management of the diabetes as they fast.   There are guidelines that have been developed by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the Diabetes and Ramadan (DAR) International Alliance. The guidance available represents expert opinion rather […]

Is It Safe to Use Alcohol as Hand Sanitizer?

Following widespread public debate and utterances by high profile opinion leaders on controversial ways of preventing/curing coronavirus, we have decided to set the record straight. Can alcohol or vodka be used as hand sanitizer? Is it effective? Pay attention! So while this can be true, you have to understand that for hand sanitizer to be […]