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Our Specialties

With state of the art facilities and a carefully curated roster of medical specialists, MedLux International Hospital is perfectly poised to provide our patients with full medical and surgical care encompassing trauma and emergency services, a host of specialist outpatient clinics, laboratory and imaging diagnostics, dentistry clinics, emergency cardiac care, surgical, neonatal and medical intensive care units as well as three fully-fledged operation theaters.
Cardiology Medlux international Hospital in Nairobi


Our Cardiology Department is operated by the Meditrina brand, which benefits from a close professional partnership with a team of internationally recognized consultants.

General Surgery

We have fully fitted operating theatres where we conduct different elective and emergency surgical procedures under sterile conditions.
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Obstetrics and Gynecology

In MedLux International Hospital, we have Obstetricians and Gynecologists that are passionate about empowering women to lead productive and quality lives.

Internal Medicine

Our Institute of Internal Medicine is defining a new standard of excellence by delivering collaborative and comprehensive care to the full range of non – communicable and communicable diseases.
MedLux International Hospital in Nairobi


At MedLux International Hospital, we know the value of a smile! Our team takes great pride in understanding the power of a great smile to restore confidence and change lives.
MedLux International Hospital in Nairobi

Orchid Family Center

Our Orchid Family Center is a specialist outpatient clinic offering the full range of Pediatric and Internal Medicine Specialist Services on an appointment basis, Monday to Saturday. Come and experience our expertise in a serene and professional environment.
MedLux International Hospital in Nairobi

Jasmine Deluxe Rooms

Our Jasmine Deluxe Rooms offer our clients the opportunity to recover in comfort. With unique and bespoke design, the Jasmine experience is unforgettable!

Why choose MedLux International Hospital

Our people define our identity as MedLux International. We are proud of the healthcare provider network that we have built and the dedication they display daily. Our teams bring MedLux’s state of the art equipment and fittings to life, providing a warm and friendly environment for all our visitors. We are committed to a multidisciplinary approach to ensure our patients get the best possible care.

Our Facilities

MedLux International Hospital aspires to be a leader in excellence. Driven by this principle, our Board has made a significant investment in ensuring that you enjoy the best possible facilities throughout our hospital. From the design to the furniture and the medical equipment, everything at MedLux International is carefully curated to satisfy your needs and cater to your comfort.

Lotus Presidential Villa

Our Lotus Presidential Villa is the pinnacle of healthcare hospitality! A bespoke and luxurious example of excellence in recovery from illness.
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Violet Executive Suites

Our Violet Executive Suites are a bespoke collection of private self – contained rooms serviced to A-list standards. Our visitors can expect hospitality experience as they recover.
MedLux International Hospital in Nairobi

Lily Pediatric Wing

The Lily Pediatric Wing is a collection of specialized pediatric suites designed to accommodate parent/guardian and their young one in a home-style setting.
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Rose Maternity Wing

The Rose Maternity Wing is a unique curation of three specialty maternity rooms designed to make a mother’s – to – be childbirth experience memorable.

Our Executive Leadership Team

MedLux International Hospital is principally governed by the Advisory Board supported by the Executive Leadership Team and Senior Management Team. These entities are comprised of dedicated professionals with a wealth of experience in their respective fields. Together, our teams bring an eclectic mix of talent in all facets of medicine, entrepreneurship, customer experience, organizational psychology, talent management, and finance. MedLux International Hospital prides itself on proactive gender and background diversity in its leadership.
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Healthcare facility in Nairobi

Health Talk

At MedLux International Hospital, we seek to partner with you on your wellness journey. Please stay up to date as we frequently share pertinent information that will help you stay on top of your healthcare through informative articles and concise video content.
MedLux International Hospital is a comprehensive medical facility licensed as a hospital and registered as a private company in the Republic of Kenya.
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Interventional cardiology procedures with 99% success rate.
Women cared for by our obstetrics teams.
Healthy babies delivered by our specialists.
Safe operations performed by our surgeons with good outcomes.
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